Toyota Corolla

1992-1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Toyota Corolla
+ 1. The maintenance instruction
+ 2. Maintenance service
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Systems of cooling, heating
+ 5. Fuel, exhaust systems
+ 6. System of decrease in toxicity
+ 7. Transmissions
+ 8. Coupling and semiaxes
+ 9. Brake system
+ 10. A suspension bracket and a steering
+ 11. A body
+ 12. An electric equipment

1.1. Introduction

The most accessible TOYOTA

In the general statistics of company Corolla occupies in the lead position on sales among other models of firm Toyota. But if separately to take the Russian market, the picture leaves other. Here Corolla overtake also numerous "тойотовские" jeeps, and larger sedans. However buyers of accessible foreign cars costing cheaper to $20.000 becomes more and more. Therefore in some years Corolla – or its successor, – it is possible, there is Tojotoj N1 and in our market.

You can judge appearance of the car on photos. Sound "Japanese", and hardly at whom will turn language to name design of the car become outdated. In comparison with the Korean models Corolla competing under the price looks more modern and solid. Against the European competitors at Corolla one advantage: it simply more.

On the test inexpensive version Corolla for $19.100 (retail price) has been given us. The car is equipped by the carburettor motor in volume of 1,3 l and capacity of Electric drives of 75 h.p. are not present. There is no wheel hydraulic booster. The control panel according to a complete set is rather avaricious – there is no even a tachometre. The Korean motor-car manufacturers offer in this sector better the completed cars, but... Toyota is a name which expensive costs.

Day at the wheel

We sit down in the car and we look round. The salon is simple in furnish, but thus meets all requirements of the Japanese quality. Seats are fitted dense разнофактурной by a fabric of two colours. Plastic panels are driven to each other with limiting accuracy. Plastic – deep black colour and in any way does not make impression cheap. The doubt causes the receiver implanted into the central console with the liquid crystal screen. Yes-yes, the receiver, instead of a radio tape recorder. And if we prefer to listen to cartridges? All, however, speaks simply: the car given to us serves in branch of hire of firm "Business of Penalties", and a radio receiver instead of a radio tape recorder on the rolling car – the phenomenon ordinary worldwide. Important another: given to us Corolla has run over 7000 km so we had possibility to get acquainted with обкатанной by car.

... Driving uncertainly crawls on a seat. It would be desirable or hardly to lower an armchair pillow, or slightly to raise a steering column. But these adjustments are not provided. We agree in opinion that with small losses this problem can be solved, having established a wheel of smaller diameter.

On departure from parking the driver was false in work with coupling, and the motor has stopped. Attempts to get it were stopped by an immobilizer entering into base equipment. It is necessary to do the necessary procedure: to recover the engine, it is necessary to pull out a key from the ignition lock, to stick with a key dangling in the form of a charm an immobilizer into a special groove on the other hand from a steering column, then again to insert the ignition key for motor start. Difficult, but than you will not renounce for the sake of safety?

Having travelled on narrow snow-covered small streets, we get out on the wide Moscow prospectus frozen to pure asphalt. Corolla with unexpected ease speeds up. You will not have time to look back, as on a speedometer "hundred twenty". And to yourself you ask a question: why "nine", having the same four cylinders, the same capacity and the same carburettor through which there is a same 92nd gasoline, "runs" in another way? With an anguish, a strained roar of the engine as if the semiton trailer is behind dragged...

"Well and where you drive?" – sitting on the right time and again asked this question to the driver. Not "where?", and "why?". Simply at Corolla such character. It is not too persuasive, but nevertheless sets on the driver to go hardly faster. On high turns in an engine voice are audible provokatsionno - "sports" notes, transfers are switched with a special juicy sound, as if in sports compartment Celica. Therefore at the wheel Corolla it would be desirable to make superfluous overtaking-evolution, without special necessity to pass on lowering and... Even to cross swords with big Mercedes.

Driving German мастодонта the swarty big-nosed citizen has looked on our modest Corolla with semicontempt when on a traffic light its narrow nose has squeezed between "Mercedes" and truck. And in thoughts was not with it to compete, but somehow by itself it has turned out that after "green" we have appeared ahead. We overtake on the right slowly бредующую on the average to a number "Gazelle". Крутанув the motor, we have time to slip before a nose of a trolley bus sailing away from sidewalk and at the left, on counter, we bypass a chain of cars starting from a following crossroads. Corolla goes as on a thread. Rigid (with such reliable кондовостью) the suspension bracket and besides a rigid, distinct wheel do driving in such style enough pleasant.... Behind the back as if steamship hooter has begun to roar. There is that "Mercedes" of which we and have forgotten to think, still try to settle scores. Minute after its light nervously помаргивающих headlights remains far behind. Excuse, the guy, we not on an autobath.

Op-lja! Having become proud of a victory over the first class German technics, driving has forgotten about elementary care and in full operation forced the broken tram moving. Having checked up safety of lenses in an objective and seals in a teeth, the photographer has asked to be more cautious henceforth. We have noticed that the suspension bracket and has not worked "on a release". Early rejoiced. When is closer to suburb normal Moscow roads with habitual percent of potholes have begun, suspension bracket Corolla began to seem already too rigid. "Tiresomely rigid", - as has noted one of us. And дорвавшийс to a wheel the bore-photographer has started to complain of a heavy wheel. "Not heavy, but rigid and exact", – we tried to teach it, but after all and actually the wheel at Corolla is heavier, than, for example, at front-wheel VAZs.

The normal family car

Let's notice at once what to buy Corolla to women or for the woman it is not necessary. For them it is better to pick up something more graceful and comfortable. And Toyota Corolla is normal "a working horsy", the good family car. From Monday till Friday it will perfectly look on parking near office, and on days off – at a summer residence porch. And it will proceed so much years, the owner of the car how many will want. After all even short acquaintance with Toyota Corolla causes sensation of good quality and durability.

Yes, inhabitants of the big cities sated with services of various motor-car manufacturers, presume to themselves for this money the car more difficult and more richly equipped, but for a province extremely simple Corolla remains to one of few unpretentious and at the same time prestigious models $20.000 are cheaper.

Technical characteristics (for all models and updatings)

The engine, l
1,6i 16V
1,6i 20V
1,6i 16V
2,0 D
Engine volume, sm/cube
Capacity, h.p. at rpm
Diameter of the cylinder х the Piston stroke, mm
74,0 х 77,4
81,0 х 77
81,0 х 77
81,0 х 77
86,0 х 85,0
Compression degree
The expense of fuel (average), l
8,0 – 14,0
8,0 – 15,0
The maximum speed, km/hour